While you try to chill in your air-conditioned office, “a handful” of people from the IT industry – “just” about 15,000 of them – are swarming the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The reason? The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016.

Currently, this is the biggest tech assembly in the world, where IT companies from the Microsoft ecosystem network and make new business connections. This whole week they have the opportunity to listen to some excellent speakers, attend workshops, lectures, discussions and a big celebration for Microsoft partners, even sprinkled with a dash of Hollywood glam this year, featuring Gwen Stefani.

Now the reason I feel connected to the event all the way here from Europe is that this spring I’ve written five submissions for two Microsoft partners as an outsourced awards entry writer. And I am proud to say that one of those stories, amongst 2500 altogether, won the competition in its category!

I will be thinking of them as they step out on that main stage, where they will receive acknowledgment for their outstanding software deployment, based on Microsoft platforms.

And if you are a Microsoft partner (or considering becoming one), you should be thinking of those winners and finalists as well!


Why, you wonder?


Because it could have been you out there on the podium shaking hands with top Microsoft executives!

It could have been you invited to a private lunch with Satya Nadella.

It could have been your company’s name all over the media.

It could have been your website boosted with the prestigious Microsoft logo, which clearly states that you achieved excellence in your field.

It could have been you under those Microsoft spotlights making new business deals.

It could have been your company’s ROI increased by 30%!


This is what multiple-time Microsoft winner, ITNorth, has to say on about opportunities after receiving award recognition from Microsoft:

“It’s great to be a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, but winning the awards immediately tells companies who are just getting to know us that we’re exceptional. Everyone in the business world knows Microsoft, so having this level of recognition provides us with instant credibility and gives decision-makers a powerful reason to believe. Our wins have helped us open doors and close deals. We get new opportunities every time we win.”


You could have been in Toronto.


But instead, you sit in your air-conditioned office, thinking you are doing all right. And maybe you are.

But you could do so much better!


Learn how to prepare properly for the next year’s awards, even months before the submission portal for the Partner Awards 2017 opens.

Find out exactly what materials to prepare, and how to ensure you provide compelling answers to all the award submission questions. Discover helpful submission tips, learn which details you should include, and find out how to wow the judges with your story.

Stay tuned for more information.

With a little bit of guidance, you can be on the podium next year!