(Video) Microsoft Inspire Awards – Top Tips From a Former Microsoft Judge, Corinne Sharp

2018-02-22T14:35:36+01:00By |Award Submission Writing, Content Writing, Microsoft partners|

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzM4KpYTKls&t=6s How does the judging process of thousands of award submissions look like during the Microsoft Partner of the Year (Inspire) award season? What type of entries grabs the attention of the judges? What makes them stop reading the submission? See my video interview with Corinne Sharp, an ex-Microsoft judge and now a consultant [...]

3 Most Effective Calls-to-Action for Marketing a Software Solution

2017-11-10T12:43:44+01:00By |Other|

So, you've crafted a killer eBook, white paper, lengthy blog post, or a video about your new software solution. You have tackled all the customers' pain points, provided an in-depth insight into how you can solve their problems, and explained all the tech. They have recognized you as a thought leader and now they think: [...]

Why Clients Refuse to Participate in Case Studies and 9 Tips That Turn Their “Nays” Into “Yays”

2017-09-07T14:43:15+02:00By |Blogging, Content Writing|

Earlier this year I was supposed to write several case studies for a growing software company that wanted to enhance their digital marketing efforts with the necessary social proof. Case studies or customer stories are generally among the top B2B marketing tactics, used by 82 percent of marketers according to Content Marketing Institute. The value [...]

4 Reasons Why Your Should Go After the Microsoft “Oscars” (The MPN Partner of the Year Awards)

2017-06-28T20:32:31+02:00By |Award Submission Writing|

Each year in February, Microsoft partners from all around the world start to compete for The MPN Partner of the Year Awards. Namely, somewhere in the third week of February, the Microsoft Award Submission Tool opens up the gate, and it closes by the end of first April week. It’s the “Oscars” or “Grammies” in [...]

5 Perfect Blog Lengths for Tech Companies

2017-02-22T17:35:39+01:00By |Blogging|

It’s hard to get around the heated argument going on among marketers and writers on the web - is it better to write the expertise-rich long post, or should you keep it short and to the point? In summary, there are two main hypotheses: #1: People have a goldfish attention span, they like small "content [...]

Content Marketing Stole the Writing Style From Journalism! (And 6 Other Reasons Why You Should Hire a Journalist For Brand Content)

2017-07-04T20:26:18+02:00By |Content Writing|

All right, maybe “stealing” isn’t the fairest word chosen here, but I used it just to get your attention. You see, writing pieces that can grab the attention are kind of in my job description since I’m a trained journalist who worked on a daily newspaper for more than a decade. And businesses like that attention-grabbing [...]

It Could Have Been You! (Microsoft WPC Celebrates Its Award Winners and Finalists)

2017-02-22T17:35:39+01:00By |Other|

  While you try to chill in your air-conditioned office, “a handful” of people from the IT industry - “just” about 15,000 of them - are swarming the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The reason? The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016. Currently, this is the biggest tech assembly in the world, where IT companies from the [...]

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