5 Perfect Blog Lengths for Tech Companies

2017-02-22T17:35:39+01:00By |Blogging|

It’s hard to get around the heated argument going on among marketers and writers on the web - is it better to write the expertise-rich long post, or should you keep it short and to the point? In summary, there are two main hypotheses: #1: People have a goldfish attention span, they like small "content [...]

Content Marketing Stole the Writing Style From Journalism! (And 6 Other Reasons Why You Should Hire a Journalist For Brand Content)

2017-07-04T20:26:18+02:00By |Content Writing|

All right, maybe “stealing” isn’t the fairest word chosen here, but I used it just to get your attention. You see, writing pieces that can grab the attention are kind of in my job description since I’m a trained journalist who worked on a daily newspaper for more than a decade. And businesses like that attention-grabbing [...]

It Could Have Been You! (Microsoft WPC Celebrates Its Award Winners and Finalists)

2017-02-22T17:35:39+01:00By |Other|

  While you try to chill in your air-conditioned office, “a handful” of people from the IT industry - “just” about 15,000 of them - are swarming the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The reason? The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016. Currently, this is the biggest tech assembly in the world, where IT companies from the [...]

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